Agriculture Gold Loans

Agriculture Gold Loans

Agriculture Gold Loans

Agriculture Gold Loans are the loans that are granted to/availed by farmers or agriculturalist for seasonal agriculture operations by pledging their gold ornaments/jewellery. These is the best loan option in order to get instant liquidity to meet the crop cultivation costs, acquiring and applying inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, buying cattle, purchase of equipment for irrigation, and to meet the labor costs for all operations in the field for raising & harvesting the crops.

In short, it is taken to meet the current expenditure requirement for raising the crops on land till the crops are harvested.

Eligibility for Agriculture Gold Loans:

Proof of land holding and land records related documents
Age group of 18 and up to 75 years

Benefits of Agriculture Gold Loans:

Agriculture Loan Interest rates offered by the banks are Lower and Concessional as compared to general Gold Loan Interest Rates.

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