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Gold Loan Starting @ 9.9%*

Gold Rate Today : ₹ 5,100 Per Gram

  • Unlock the Real Value of your Gold
  • Lowest Rate of Interest
  • Get Money in 30 Mins
  • Loan Amount Up to 1 Crore
  • Loan Tenure Up to 48 Months
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Gold Loan is a type of loan which is granted in lieu of Gold ornaments. It is a type of secured loan as it is granted against the Gold ornaments pledged by the borrower to the lender. The Lender can be a Bank/NBFC which is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to offer a Gold Loan. Many Nationalized Public and Private Sector Banks and NBFC’s offer Gold Loan in Delhi. The purity of Gold Jewellery should be a minimum of 18 ct. and up to 24 ct in order to avail a Gold Loan in Delhi.

You can avail of an Online Gold Loan in Delhi. Interest charged on Gold Loan is Lower as compared to other loan options. Just Compare Gold Loan Interest Rate in Delhi offered by various Banks/NBFC’s and on the basis of comparison choose the one that suits your needs.

You need not provide a Guarantor in order to avail of a Gold loan or Income Tax Return (ITR) documents to avail the Gold Loan. You just need ID proof, Address Proof, and a Photograph in order to avail of Instant Gold Loan in Delhi. No CIBIL score is required as CIBIL score is not mandatory for availing a Gold Loan in Delhi.

You can also avail of an Agriculture Gold Loan in Delhi at Lower Interest rates in comparison to general Interest Rates on Gold Loan. Just one has to provide proof of agriculture-related documents or Proof of Land Holding. Lower Gold Loan Interest Rates for Women customers are also offered by some Banks in order to empower Women customers and unlock the value of their Gold Jewellery. Gold Loan in Delhi is a very Less time-consuming process as it takes almost 30 minutes to a few hours to test Gold jewelry, Loan Processing, and Disbursement.

There are some other charges and fees levied by the bank in the process of Gold Loan like processing fees, Preclosure charges, and Late Payment fees or Penalty charges which a customer must be aware of before availing a Gold Loan. The Processing fees for Gold Loan in Delhi range between NIL to 1% depending upon the loan amount and vary among different Lenders. Likewise, Prepayment charges on Gold Loan in Delhi also vary among different Bank/NBFC. You are also liable to pay Penalty charges if you are failed to pay interest or dues on Gold Loan. Late Payment Charges or Penalty charges on Gold Loan in Delhi also varies among different lenders.

You are also eligible for Gold Loan Top-up in Delhi if the Gold Rate /Gold Price increases in the Market. The decision to provide Top up or not solely depends upon the bank or NBFC. Gold Loan closure process in Delhi is quite simple. You can close Gold Loan anytime by paying the loan amount plus the interest dues. No other documentation and liabilities.
You need not provide any specific reason to the Lender in order to avail of a loan. You can avail it for various purposes like Gold Loan for Medical Emergency in Delhi, Gold Loan for starting a new business or Gold Loan for Business Expansion in Delhi, Gold Loan For Higher Education of Kids, Gold Loan for construction or repairs of Home in Rohtak, Gold Loan for Marriage purposes, Gold Loan for Agricultural purposes and for other financial problems or any other sort of requirement.